US Virgin Islands Identity Card

Country name:
~ conventional long form: United States Virgin Islands
~ conventional short form: Virgin Islands
Area: 352 sq km
Coastline: 188 km
Highest point: Crown Mountain 474 m
Population: 108,708
Density: 308/km2
Population growth rate: -0.07%
Official Language: English
Religions: Baptist 42%, Roman Catholic 34%, Episcopalian 17%, other 7%
Government type: unincorporated territory of the US
Capital: Charlotte Amalie
GDP - per capita: $17,200
Inflation rate: 2.2%
Currency (code): US dollar (USD)
Vehicle Country Id-Code: USA
Calling code: +1 340
Internet country code: .vi
Time Zone: - 4.0 H


US Virgin Islands has some of the most overwhelmingly beautiful scenery to be found anywhere in the world. Amongst the natural beauty of its splendid forests and soaring peaks are beautiful national parks, gem-like fishing villages and gracious town squares. These Caribbean islands allures visitors with places waiting like buried treasure to be discovered. Nestling amidst the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, the US Virgin Islands are a conglomeration if near about twenty islands and some 75 islets of different sizes. The islands of Saint Thomas, Saint John, Saint Croix and Water Island are the most prominent among them while the Charlotte Amalie and Christiansted are the most important harbours. Mostly volcanic and mountainous, the US Virgin Islands are also very prone to earthquakes and tsunamis due to its location over the meeting point of the North American plate and the Caribbean Plate.
Though Ciboney and Carib tribes were the primitive residents of the US Virgin Islands, in successive centuries, it went under the reign of Spain, England, Netherlands, France, the Knights of Malta and Denmark. In 1917, the U.S. purchased these islands from Danish West India Company fearing German invasion. Today US Virgin Islands is designated as an insular area of the United States and the islanders enjoy U.S. citizenship. Interestingly, it is the only U.S. territory where traffic follows left hand side driving.

Trunk Bay on St. John



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