Washington Monument

Washington D.C. is the heartbeat of United States of America in truest sense of the word. The city premises are home to the president of the country and all the major U.S. federal government and agencies. It also houses the headquarters of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and many other important international organisations. This administrative setting provides Washington D.C. a global stature and translates the fact that any move in this city sends murmurs through out the world. Geographically, Washington D.C. is located over an area of 177.0 km² (68.3 mi²) within the District of Columbia, which lend to the abbreviated form of D.C. in its identity. Situated close to Virginia and Maryland, it is one of America's most beautiful cities and was established in late eighteenth century over a piece of land donated by the state of Maryland. The name of the city commemorates the contribution of the first president and one of the greatest leaders of United States of America, George Washington.
However, Washington D.C. is not all about federal authorities and demonstrations at National Mall. The multifaceted appeal of the city can be experienced in its fast-paced lifestyle and sophisticated cultural happenings. Visitors can enjoy the great weather, first-rate attractions, super shopping, gourmet dining, and cutting-edge art scene of Washington D.C. It is a city that never sleeps. Whether you prefer a quiet and relaxing weekend or fast and exciting party scene, the hotels and other forms of accommodations in the city keep you up-to-date with all the latest happenings. Being the capital of a country and hub of business activities, Washington D.C is frequently visited by corporate tribe from all over the world who prefer to stay at the comfortable yet affordable bed and breakfasts and hostels, or even go for the numerous ‘apartment for rent’, offers.

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