Los Angeles, fondly known as just LA, is known as the ‘City of Angles’ right from its inception by the Spanish explorers around the middle of sixteenth century. Even a week’s stay falls short to get a grab of the pulsating lifestyle, thrilling nightlife and alluring entertainment opportunities of this gyrating city of United States of America. Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the United States in terms of population that stands at 3,957,875 and resides over an area more than 465 square miles. But the bustling life of this Californian city stretches far beyond the regular political, administrative and social relevance of any modern metropolis. Los Angeles stands apart from the rest with its glitterati and is adjudged the entertainment capital of the world. The city houses the much admired and regaled Universal Studios, Hollywood Boulevard and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Visitors to the city bask in the glory of the glamour world and experience the thrill of lights, sound, camera and action very closely.

Downtown skyline

Los Angeles nestles in its quarters some of the best beaches and elegant hotels of America. The Malibu Beach is the most revered among the paradise of sun sand and hordes of chic accommodations are available by the waterfront here. Moreover, Mediterranean climatic conditions, superb surfing conditions and other adventure sports opportunities make the city a haven for the modern urban traveller. To enjoy all these, you can streamline your budget by putting up in one of the more reasonable bed and breakfasts or take any apartment for rent and save rest for other entertainments. But backpackers and the youth tourist tribe opt for the hostels that come without any frills but are quite comfortable to make your stay better. While on a visit to Los Angeles, a trip along the Sunset Strip, Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive and the enormous mansions of Beverly Hills is highly advisable.

Santa Monica pier

Rodeo Drive

Los Angeles Skyline at night

City Hall



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