Tuvalu Identity Card


Country name: Tuvalu
Area: 26 sq km
Coastline: 24 km
Highest point: unnamed location 5 m
Population: 11,636
Density: 447/km2
Population growth rate: 1.47%
Languages: Tuvaluan, English, Samoan, Kiribati
Religions: Church of Tuvalu 97%, Seventh-Day Adventist 1.4%, Baha'i 1%, other 0.6%
Government type: constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy
Capital: Funafuti
GDP - per capita: $1,100
Inflation rate: 5%
Currency (code): Australian dollar (AUD)
Vehicle Country Id-Code: TUV
Calling code: +688
Internet country code: .tv
Time Zone: + 12.0 H


Tuvalu is a welcome break from the harried city life where you can have the delight of discovering unspoilt coral reefs and other diverse attractions of this magnificent archipelago. It is a modern getaway that effortlessly blends paramount scenic beauties of the sun-kissed beaches with a relaxed atmosphere. Located between Hawaii and Australia, Tuvalu is a group of nine tiny Polynesian islands in the South Pacific Ocean. The islands of Tuvalu are Namumea, Nanumaga, Niutao, Nui, Vaitupu, Nukufetau, Funafuti, Nukulaelae and Niulakita. Out of these, five of the islands are coral atolls, the other four consist of land rising from the seabed. The terrain of Tuvalu is all through low-lying with no point being higher than 5 metres above sea level. This has prompted a panic among the islanders as they suspect that in few years the islands will be swamped by rising sea levels. There are no streams or rivers in Tuvalu, so the collection of rain is essential for providing fresh water here.
Previously known as the Ellice Islands or Lagoon Islands, the name Tuvalu means "Eight Standing Together". First sighted by Spanish explorers, this island nation separated from the Gilbert Islands after a referendum in 1975, and achieved independence from Great Britain on October 1, 1978. Today, Tuvalu is a constitutional monarchy under the Commonwealth Realm and the fourth smallest country in the world, in terms of land area.




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