Suriname Identity Card

Country name:
~ conventional long form: Republic of Suriname
~ conventional short form: Suriname
~ local long form: Republiek Suriname
~ local short form: Suriname
Area: 163,270 sq km
Coastline: 386 km
Highest point: Juliana Top 1,230 m
Population: 438,144
Density: 2/km2
Population growth rate: 0.25%
Official Language: Dutch
Religions: Hindu 27.4%, Protestant 25.2%, Roman Catholic 22.8%, Muslim 19.6%, indigenous beliefs 5%
Government type: constitutional democracy
Capital: Paramaribo
GDP - per capita: $4,300
Inflation rate: 23%
Currency (code): Surinam dollar (SRD)
Vehicle Country Id-Code: SME
Calling code: +597
Internet country code: .sr
Time Zone: - 3.0 H


Suriname is one of the world's most exciting destinations for adventuresome travel and exploration. Here you encounter the extraordinary natural heritage of Guyana spreading out like a tropical carpet. With unearthly cries of animals and birds from the rainforests and flashes of scarlet, yellow and blue burst of exotic flowers, Suriname is an evocative destination for a dream vacation. Tucked away in the north of South American landscape, Suriname is the smallest independent political identity of the continent. First Inhabited by the Surinen Indians, the country was explored by Spain in the early sixteenth century. However, it was the Dutch forces that took over the land and settled permanently after the Treaty of Breda. Known as Dutch Guiana, Suriname was integrated into the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1954. After years of rebellion, it gained independence on Nov. 25, 1975. Countering the initial days of military regime, the Republic of Suriname is a democratic country today.
Geographically, Suriname belongs to the Guiana Shield. The arable and flat plain in the northern coastal part of the country stand is sharp contrast to the dense tropical rainforest and sparsely inhabited savanna in the south. Due to its wealth of biodiversity, the Central Suriname Nature Reserve at the upper Coppename River watershed has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Suriname is also a member of the Caribbean Community or CARICOM.




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