Seoul evokes the images of cheering crowd, the joys of triumphant athletes, sorrows of the not so lucky ones and the glitters of the 1988 Seoul Olympics. However, this capital city of South Korea or formally, the Republic of Korea has come a long way since the hoopla surrounding the Games. Today it epitomises the financial power of the country and is symbol of one of the ‘Asian Tigers’ in economic growth. Stylish accommodations, towering corporate houses, colourful restaurants and elegant hotels create the amazing landscape of Seoul city. It is also a city of vivid contrasts. In downtown Seoul, one can find traces of its 5,000 year history in its palaces, city gates, and temples. On the other hand, the city limits are also a rapidly developing in terms of industry, trade, and commerce.

World Trade Center
Seoul at night (on the left Jongno tower)

Seoul is a world-class city with numerous amenities and shopping districts such as Myeong-dong and Apgujeong. Located in the north western part of the country on the Han River, it is a designated special city of South Korea. It also earned the reputation of the 22nd most populous area in the world with population of 10.3 million people. The fast and steady economic prosperity of Seoul prompted the use of the proverb of Miracle on the Han River dedicated to the city. Tourism plays a vital role in this financial boom. The general population understand the potential of the city as a major hub of leisure and business travellers. Thus, they often let their apartments for rent to earn some extra cash during the peak season. The bed and breakfasts and hostels are also affordable yet comfortable option for tourists who find luxurious Seoul hotels out of their reach. Tourists can have a gala time at the three amusement parks of Lotte World, Seoul Land, and Everland.

Night view of Seoul

Nightlife in a street of Seoul
The National Assembly building



South Korea

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