Riyadh is home to some of the most mind-boggling efforts of modern architecture. Apart from being the capital of Saudi Arabia, the city is the heart of whole of the Arabian Peninsula and community. Whether you are on a pilgrimage to the holy cities Mecca and Medina or on a business trip regarding oil trade, the King Khalid International Airport of Riyadh is your stepping stone to any of these destinations. Situated over the Najd plateau region of central Saudi Arabia, the city landscape is basically arid and dry. However, big trees now bedeck the broad streets and avenues of Riyadh that sweep through the city from different angles and are part of the still growing transportation network. The public and private accommodations of this city is able enough compete with any modern destinations of the western world with its splendour of architecture and marvel of designs. The Kingdom Centre is the tallest building in Saudi Arabia followed by the cone-shaped Al Faisaliah. The office of the Ministry of Interior is an example of massive hi-tech design whereas the lavish, 80,000-seated King Fahd Stadium is designed in a shape of a large round Arabic tent.
Riyadh got its name Riyadh from the Arabic word of ‘rowdhah’, meaning a place of gardens and trees. King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud conquered the city in 1902 and since then, it has been the heart of Saudi Arabian educational, financial, agricultural, cultural, technical, commercial and social activities. Tourism has also increased centring Riyadh and many palatial hotels and elegant bed and breakfasts have come up in the city. The best way of getting taste of the great Arabian hospitality is to take any of the plush houses or apartments for rent during your stay in Riyadh. Economy travellers can also look for the hostels of the city that generally provide accommodations to the students of the King Saud and Imam Mohammad bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh.



Saudi Arabia

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