Reunion Identity Card

Country name:
~ conventional long form: Department of Reunion
~ conventional short form: Reunion
~ local form: Ile de la Reunion
Area: 2,517 sq km
Coastline: 207 km
Highest point: Piton des Neiges 3,069 m
Population: 776,948
Density: 308/km2
Population growth rate: 1.38%
Official Language: French
Religions: Roman Catholic 86%, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist
Government type: overseas department of France
Capital: Saint-Denis
GDP - per capita: $6,000
Currency (code): euro (EUR)
Vehicle Country Id-Code: F
Calling code: +262
Internet country code: .re
Time Zone: + 4.0 H


Reunion provides highly memorable safaris that are fun and educational, for those who are looking for a true African experience. Venture into the unspoiled corners of this island destination and be enthralled by the diverse, rift-sculpted underwater scenery and occasional shark sighting. Being located above one of the environmental hotspots on earth, Reunion experiences volcanic activities in regular basis. It is also home to one of the largest shield volcanoes of the world, the Piton de la Fournaise that today rises more than 8565 feet (2611 meters) after continued lava deposition. There are also several collapsed calderas and canyons all over Reunion that go on to create a unique and exceptionally wild landscape. Nestling over the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of African continent, Reunion is home to some exotic forests too.
Reunion is a single island identity that came to be known as Santa Apollonia when Portuguese explorers first discovered it in the 16th century. The island remained uninhabited until it was taken as a French possession in 1642. The island went under British reign for a brief period (1810-1815) and was addressed as the “Bourbon”. After restoration of French rule, the island experienced huge influx of migrates in form of labourers from different parts of Indochina, India, and East Africa. Reunion became an overseas department of France on March 19, 1946 and continues to be same till date.




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