Manila brings to you some of the memories of life when you see the golden sun bidding farewell over the fascinating Manila Bay. “Mind blowing” is certainly an understatement of the feeling that one gets by visiting Manila. This capital city of Philippines is a lively and teeming metropolis that provides accommodations to a whooping human crowd of more than 10 million people. Manila also serves as the chief port and the focus of all governmental, commercial, industrial, and cultural activities of Philippines. Situated on the south western part of the Philippine main island of Luzon, the city flourishes on the fertile delta of the River Pasig. The river bisects the city culturally leaving the Old Spanish walled city of Intramuros and government buildings on the south bank. The northern side houses the new urban areas, Chinese community and the commercial district.

Binondo church

All through history, Manila has been the centre of all major incidences of the nation. From a small Muslim-settled village to the administrative capital of Spanish rule, the city has now emerged as one of the busiest destination of Asia. The eventful past of Manila still comes to life within the closed corridors of Intramuros at the heart of the city. It comprises of some wonderful European accommodations and churches and fares as one of the world’s best-preserved medieval cities. A stroll by the vast greenery of the Rizal Park and the beautiful Baywalk is the alluring experience of Manila. Five-star hotels and restaurants, some of them housed in historic buildings, make the perfect party place in the city. The youth crowd however prefers to put up in more affordable hostels and bed and breakfasts to have a blast in the dazzling cultural shows, futuristic discotheques and lively casinos of Manila. Tourists also tend to take apartments for rent in the popular districts of Malate and Ermita that showcase a wild variety of restaurants, clubs, bars, cafes, art and antique shops.




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