Palestinian Territory Identity Card


Country name: Palestinian territories (West Bank and Gaza Strip)
Area: 5,860 sq km (West Bank), 360 sq km (Gaza Strip)
Coastline: 40 km (Gaza Strip)
Highest point: Tall Asur 1,022 m (West Bank)
Population: 2,385,615 (West Bank), 1,376,289 (Gaza Strip)
Density: 407/km2 (West Bank), 3823/km2 (Gaza Strip)
Population growth rate: 3.13% (West Bank), 3.77% (Gaza Strip)

West Bank

Gaza Strip

Language: Arabic, Hebrew
Religions: Muslim 75%, Jewish 17%, Christian and other 8% (West Bank) - Muslim 98.7%, Christian 0.7%, Jewish 0.6% (Gaza Strip)
GDP - per capita: $800 (West Bank), $600(Gaza Strip)
Inflation rate: 2.2%
Currency (code): new Israeli shekel (ILS); Jordanian dinar (JOD)
Calling code: +970
Internet country code: .ps
Time Zone: + 2.0 H


Palestinian Territory is a hub of ancient fortresses and churches, sacred houses and other monuments that are scattered throughout the land, enriching this cultural experience. Visitors to this area will be awed by the beauty of the mountains, the mystery of the ancient archaeological ruins, the timeless serenity of country and the grandeur of the traditional destinations. The facts and figures, stories and events revolve around it ties and clashes with Israel. In geographical terms, Palestinian Territory belongs to the Middle East region. From political point of view, it is comprised of the occupied Palestinian territories and the regions of Judea and Samaria and Gaza. The United Nations recognises this area as the Occupied Palestinian Territory.
It started with the British Mandate of Palestine that began in early twentieth century. However, the British authorities failed to solve the complex problem of competing Palestinian and Jewish claims to the land. Following the 1949 Armistice Agreements, the Green Line demarcates the boundaries between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and the State of Israel. This understanding was disturbed by Israel’s victory in the Six-day War of 1967 that involved the Arab world too. The territorial still continues between Israel and Palestinian Territory.




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