Norfolk Island Identity Card

Country name:
~ conventional long form: Territory of Norfolk Island
~ conventional short form: Norfolk Island
Area: 35 sq km
Coastline: 32 km
Highest point: Mount Bates 319 m
Population: 1,841
Density: 52/km2
Population growth rate: -0.01%
Official Language: English
Religions: Anglican, Roman Catholic, Uniting Church in Australia, Seventh-Day Adventist, Australian Christian
Government type: territory of Australia
Capital: Kingston
Currency (code): Australian dollar (AUD)
Calling code: +6723
Internet country code: .nf
Time Zone: + 11.5 H


Norfolk Island is one of the Pacific's smallest, friendliest and most unassuming destinations. Walk amongst flocks of butterflies in virgin rainforest, dive within dramatic underwater cathedrals in water teeming with life, explore the most breathtaking caves or snorkel over bright corals in warm tropical water; Norfolk Island offers you the chance to experience your dreams. Located in the South Pacific Ocean, it nestles in a region within Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia. The territorial jurisdiction of this island includes two smaller islands of Nepean Island and Philip Island. The terrain of Norfolk Island is basically flat and supportive to agriculture. However, there are a little bit of mountainous regions in the island and Mt. Bates at 319 m above sea level is the highest point.
It is believed that East Polynesian seafarers were the first inhabitants of Norfolk Island before English Captain James Cook arrived here on 11 October 1774. Norfolk Island was annexed to Tasmania in 1844, became a dependency of New South Wales in 1896, and was transferred to the Commonwealth of Australia in 1913. Today, Norfolk Island is the only non-mainland Australian territory to have achieved self-governance. Fish is the sole natural resource of this island. The Norfolk Island pine is an endemic evergreens entity of the islands and its uniqueness and popularity is best expressed by featuring it in the national flag.

Norfolk Coastal Islands



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