Nepal Identity Card

Country name:
~ conventional long form: Kingdom of Nepal
~ conventional short form: Nepal

Area: 140,800 sq km
Coastline: 0 km (landlocked)
Highest point: Mount Everest 8,850 m
Population: 27,676,547
Density: 196/km2
Population growth rate: 2.2%
Languages: Nepali, Maithali, Bhojpuri, Tharu, Tamang
Religions: Hindu 80.6%, Buddhist 10.7%, Muslim 4.2%, Kirant 3.6%, other 0.9%
Government type: parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy
Capital: Kathmandu
GDP - per capita: $1,500
Inflation rate: 2.9%
Currency (code): Nepalese rupee (NPR)
Vehicle Country Id-Code: NEP
Calling code: +977
Internet country code: .np
Time Zone: + 5.5 H

Namche Bazar and Mount Everest

Nepal is an intriguing country to visit with countless ancient temples and monasteries making the place rather inspiring and spiritual. Lapped up within the great heights of the majestic Himalayas, it presents some amazing sceneries from the backyard of nature. Nepal is also acclaimed as one of the most wonderful places for trekking in the world with the lingering effect of the towering Mount Everest, Annapurna, Machchi Puchchu and other Himalayan Summits. From the temple of Pashupatinath to the monastery of Lumbini, the stupa or dome of Swayambhu to the Royal square of Patan, the Narayanhiti Royal Place to Pokhra Lake; there is so much in offer from the moment you step into the Kathmandu airport. Located in South Asia, Nepal is home to eight of the world's ten highest mountains. Starting with Gigantic and snow-capped Himalayan ranges at the top, a comparatively low level of mountains rest over the middle portion of the terrain. At the end comes the Terai Regions, a fertile plain enriched by Koshi, Narayani and other rivers.
Nepal is the holy land Lord Buddha achieved enlightenment and politically it reeled under several Indian dynasties like the Mauryan Empire, Gupta Dynasty and Chalukaya Empire at different periods of time. The kingdom of Nepal was unified in 1768 by King Prithvi Narayan Shah and in 1923 Britain recognised the absolute independence of Nepal. Today it is a constitutional monarchy and the only surviving Hindu Kingdom in the world.

Durbar Square of Bhaktapur

Swayambhunath Temple near Kathmandu



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