Namibia Identity Card

Country name:
~ conventional long form: Republic of Namibia
~ conventional short form: Namibia
Area: 825,418 sq km
Coastline: 1,572 km
Highest point: Konigstein 2,606 m
Population: 2,030,692
Density: 2/km2
Population growth rate: 0.73%
Official Language: English
Religions: Christian 80% to 90%, indigenous beliefs 10% to 20%
Government type: republic
Capital: Windhoek
GDP - per capita: $7,300
Inflation rate: 4.2%
Currency (code): Namibian dollar (NAD)
Vehicle Country Id-Code: NAM
Calling code: +264
Internet country code: .na
Time Zone: + 1.0 H


Namibia offers you a choice of water sports, fishing and relaxation in the luxurious setting that will entice you to stay longer and return time and time again. The palm-fringed bays of the country are safe haven for swimmers and are ideal for scuba diving, snorkelling, deep-sea fishing, fly fishing, sunset cruises and sailing. Situated on the south western shores of Africa, Namibia was once inhabited by several ethnic tribes including the Bushmen, Damara, Namaqua and Bantu. Though explored by Portuguese seafarers, the territory became a German colony in 1884. Formerly called South-West Africa, the Namibian territory was taken over by South African forces during World War I. In the following years, the South West African People's Organization (SWAPO) began small-scale guerrilla attacks aimed at achieving independence and officially the region was renamed as Namibia in 1968. Complete sovereignty was achieved in 1990 and Namibia became one of the youngest nations of the world.
Nestling by the turquoise waters of the South Atlantic Ocean, Namibia is mainly located over a far-spread plateau. The country encompasses broad geographical variations that include the dunes and desert coastal plains of Namib to the west, the arid Kalahari Basin and the fertile banks of Orange River. The strikingly narrow and wooded bushveld of Caprivi on the north is a strange topographical extension of Namibia that was created for German rulers to access the Zambezi River.




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