Lighthouse on the Atlantic coast in Rabat

Rabat has been the centre of all major historical events of Morocco and as a natural progression it serves as the administrative capital of Morocco. The city houses the seat of Moroccan government and also the address of all the major foreign embassies in the country. Rabat has evolved a lot right from the time of its inception in the twelfth century, when the city was chosen as the capital of the Almohad Empire. In the succeeding centuries, Rabat lost much of its glory following various socio-political reasons. However, the city made a complete turnaround when the French again chose the city as their centre of activities while establishing Morocco as their Protectorate. The architecture and culture of the French colonial era mingled well with the remains of Berbers. Present day Rabat is a traditional yet modern and elegant city with numerous historical monuments in the Kingdom of Morocco.
Situated in the western part of Morocco, Rabat flourishes on the confluence of the river Bou Regreg and the Atlantic Ocean. It includes the urban area of Sale in its metropolitan limits and provides accommodation to nearly 1.2 million Moroccans. Rabat is one of the imperial cities of the country and hosts a plethora of elegant hotels and bed and breakfasts to welcome in the global tourists. No matter how much old it is, the city landscape seems to be cut out straight from a picture book with wide boulevards with trees, flowers, gardens and luxurious boutiques everywhere. Leisure tourists and business travellers often take apartments for rent in the beautiful residential districts of Rabat, if they need to extend their stay. A good thing about Rabat is that even if you are in tight budget, finding comfortable accommodation doesn’t take much hassle. Inexpensive but cosy hostels and rented houses are available all over Rabat.

Street in the Oudaia Kasbah in Rabat




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