Koutoubia mosque and coconut trees

Marrakech brings to life the mythical and dramatic ambience of Morocco with the dancers, fortune-tellers, musicians, acrobats, storytellers and snake charmers that flock into the city streets. It is often referred to as the "voluptuous city" for its array of winding alleyways, gigantic palaces, museums, mosques and exquisite shopping bazaars. Situated on the south western part of Morocco, Marrakech is an ancient city that has been the hub of the Berbers, the original Moroccan people. The dynasty of the Almoravids, from the Western Sahara, founded Marrakech in 1062 and designated it as the capital of the empire. From then on the city became the most important artistic and cultural centres of the Islamic world. Today, Marrakech is a typical urbane address with all modern amenities. It provides accommodations to some 450,000 people and also hosts the famous public square called Djemaa el Fna, the busiest one in the entire Africa.
Nestled in the foothills of Atlas Mountains, Marrakech possesses a wealth of architectural delights and historical artefacts. Be it the traditional Berber market known as souk or the fringes of Old city or medina, Marrakech weaves a mystic cultural fabric around it. The hotels and bed and breakfasts of the country display beautiful works on marble and other stones. In fact, there's plenty of choice for accommodations starting from affordable hostels to expensive hotels in upmarket places. Taking apartments for rent with wonderful views of the hillocks of nearby Atlas Mountains is another lucrative option one can try out while staying at Marrakech. Travellers can have a good time out while experimenting with Morocco's traditional cuisine in this city. From many inexpensive café-restaurants to plush eating joints, the lip-smacking menu is definitely going to tickle your taste bud. The Koutoubia Mosque, Ben Youssef Mosque and Casbah Mosque are some of the most visited place in the city.

Part of city wall Marrakech



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