Agadir is a pleasant and modern exception amidst the antiquities of Morocco. The city differs from rest of the country through its ambience and surrounding as it was completely destroyed by a devastating earthquake in a February midnight of 1960. The Moroccan authorities took this opportunity to surpass the grave natural disaster by rebuilding the entire city. Gradually, modern houses sprung up alongside the traditional and ruined architectural forms. These newly built accommodations of Agadir, while Western in style however; have tried to hold on to the distinctly Moroccan identity. The narrow streets of the medina have been replaced by the large boulevards and avenues required for present-day traffic. Today, Agadir is a chic holiday city with superb beaches, excellent resort hotels and offers all types of water sports activities including windsurfing, parasailing and deep-sea fishing. The city is also commercially thriving with a bustling seaport that largely exports cobalt, manganese and zinc. Agadir is also well connected with rest of the world by the Al Massira Airport. It houses a population of more than 678,596 people.
Situated on the southwest part of Morocco, Agadir is a small city that is blessed with sunrays all round the year. This abundance of sun and sand makes it the most visited winter getaway for the Europeans. The city atmosphere also complements its pride as a revered tourist destination as it makes sunbathing and swimming possible in the sea all year round. Travellers can enjoy the fascinating view of waves from Atlantic Ocean caressing the foothills of Atlas Mountains right from the window of the sea-side bed and breakfasts. Moreover, there are several opportunities to experience luxurious spas, exotic restaurants, museums, casinos, golf courses, mountains, lush oases and fabulous marketplaces. Affordable accommodation options like hostels or apartments for rent are also available all over Agadir.




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