Puerto Vallarta view

Puerto Vallarta owes much of its public recognition to the lights, sound, camera and action of far off Hollywood. Till the better half of the twentieth century the city was a quite fishing village until famous director John Huston arrived here with his crew to shoot sequences for his film ‘The Night of the Iguana’. The presence of stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton attracted attention of tourism investors towards the unexplored shores of Puerto Vallarta. The Mexican city never looked back from this time on. Situated in the state of Jalisco, midway down the Pacific Coast, Puerto Vallarta gradually expanded over Mexico's largest natural bay, the Bahia de Banderas. Today it is an important shipping traffic junction buzzing with several hotels, restaurants and beautiful public accommodations.
Puerto Vallarta was originally known as "Las Peñas de Santa Maria de Guadalupe" or "the rocks of Saint Mary of Guadalupe" when Don Guadalupe Sanchez Torres discovered the city regions on December 12, 1851. It got reduced to its present name in honour of former state governor Ignacio L. Vallarta. Nowadays the city houses nearly 165,800 people. The city residents still show their gratitude to director Huston by placing a statue of him in the park on Isla la Cuale at the centre of the city. Puerto Vallarta has an abundance of restaurants, art galleries, markets, beach activities, affordable bed and breakfasts and hostels. Tourists who want to stay amidst homely environment and customised settings can take any apartment for rent and relax in the excellent climatic conditions. There are also many business travellers spotted in the city that are in Puerto Vallarta for some financial purpose related to the bustling port area. Apart from the commercial activities, the port of Puerto Vallarta is also a naval base of the Mexican forces.

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