Mauritius Identity Card

Country name:
~ conventional long form: Republic of Mauritius
~ conventional short form: Mauritius
Area: 2,040 sq km
Coastline: 177 km
Highest point: Mont Piton 828 m
Population: 1,230,602
Density: 603/km2
Population growth rate: 0.84%
Languages: Creole, Bhojpuri, French, English
Religions: Hindu 48%, Roman Catholic 23.6%, other Christian 8.6%, Muslim 16.6%, other 3.2%
Government type: parliamentary democracy
Capital: Port Louis
GDP - per capita: $12,800
Inflation rate: 4.5%
Currency (code): Mauritian rupee (MUR)
Vehicle Country Id-Code: MS
Calling code: +230
Internet country code: .mu
Time Zone: + 4.0 H


Chamarel waterfall

Mauritius is a sheer natural spectacle with dramatic beaches, exceptionally beautiful sceneries and fascinating turquoise waters of the ocean. This island nation transpires to a personal concept of heaven banking on perpetually sunny and welcoming climate, secluded stretch of white beaches, vibrant nightlife and different theme parties and folkloric festivals by the seafront. Sports enthusiasts can go scuba diving in any of the diving sites, engage the incredible island winds by windsurfing, rent water-skis or parasail, or charter a boat and go deep-sea fishing in Mauritius. Officially addressed as the Republic of Mauritius, it is an island nation over the southwest Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of the country. It is part of the Mascarene Archipelago and includes the islands of St. Brandon and Rodrigues and the Agalega Islands within its jurisdiction. Mauritius rests over the volcanic eruption prone region of Réunion hotspot but never experienced one in last thousand years. High rising plateaus are the main physical features of this country.
First colonised by Dutch people, Mauritius developed remarkably on the basis of Sugar plantation after the French arrived in 1715. In 1810, the British captured the island and the islands witnessed huge flux of slaves from Africa, Madagascar and India. Mauritius became independent on March 12, 1968 and presently boasts of one of Africa's highest per capita incomes on the basis of flourishing tourism.

A Beach of Grand Bay



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