Martinique Identity Card

Country name:
~ conventional long form: Department of Martinique
~ conventional short form: Martinique
~ local long form: Departement de la Martinique
~ local short form: Martinique
Area: 1,100 sq km
Coastline: 350 km
Highest point: Montagne Pelee 1,397 m
Population: 432,900
Density: 393/km2
Population growth rate: 0.76%
Language: French
Religions: Roman Catholic 85%, Protestant 10.5%, Muslim 0.5%, Hindu 0.5%, other 3.5%
Government type: overseas department of France
Capital: Fort-de-France
GDP - per capita: $14,400
Inflation rate: 3.9%
Currency (code): euro (EUR)
Vehicle Country Id-Code: F
Calling code: +596
Internet country code: .mq
Time Zone: - 3.0 H


Martinique is ideal for those who want a peaceful destination offering exclusivity, privacy and comfort. It gives you a feeling that there is just not enough time to see all the beautiful natural sites and to do all the unique activities that the island offers. From the pristine beaches to the lush green forests, cool refreshing environment to the magnificent underwater sights for snorkelers & scuba divers, Martinique's natural treasures are plentiful. For this reason, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that Martinique is truly a “little bit of France in the Caribbean Islands." Even politically, the French connection is quite alive as this island is recognised as one of the 26 overseas Department of France. Previous to this status, Martinique was inhabited by the Carib tribe. French colonisation began in seventeenth century and Martinique became a domain of the French crown in 1674.
Located in the eastern Caribbean Sea, Martinique is a mountainous island lying in the Lesser Antilles. It experiences hot tropical weather conditions that is sometimes moderated by trade winds and heavy rainy season. Martinique is also prone to hurricanes, flooding and volcanic activity. Sugarcane, rum, bananas, tourism, and light industry are the mainstay of the economic structure of Martinique.

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