Liberia Identity Card

Country name:
~ conventional long form: Republic of Liberia
~ conventional short form: Liberia
Area: 111,370 sq km
Coastline: 579 km
Highest point: Mount Wuteve 1,380 m
Population: 3,482,211
Density: 31/km2
Population growth rate: 2.64%
Official Language: English
Religions: indigenous beliefs 40%, Christian 40%, Muslim 20%
Government type: republic
Capital: Monrovia
GDP - per capita: $900
Inflation rate: 15%
Currency (code): Liberian dollar (LRD)
Vehicle Country Id-Code: LB
Calling code: +231
Internet country code: .lr
Time Zone: + 0.0 H


Liberia invites you to embark on one of the most captivating journey in its backyards where you will come across untold natural and cultural wonders at every turn. Be it the architectural achievements and ancient structures or mountain ranges, jungles and flora and fauna, the country has too many wonders that a visitor can get hold of in one trip. Liberia, as the name indicates, was a consequence of efforts made by American-Africans to liberate themselves off the humiliation of slavery. Established in 1822 by the American Colonisation Society, Liberia is Africa's oldest republic. Originally called Monrovia, the colony became the Free and Independent Republic of Liberia on July 26, 1847. It survived the political turmoil during the Scramble for Africa and both the World Wars successfully but was affected by a bloody civil war involving the cause of neighbouring Sierra Leone.
Situated on the western side of African continent, Liberia is spread over an area of 111,370 sq km and boasts of a 579 km long coastline along the North Atlantic Ocean. The terrain of the country follows an ascending order starting with the flat coastal plains that gain height while moving towards north and northeast regions. The earth crust of Liberia reaches the maximum at Mount Wuteve, with 1,380 m.




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