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Santo Domingo served as the diving board for European voyagers who sailed to explore the unknown fringes of the New World. Situated at the confluence of Caribbean Sea and the Ozama River, the city is the capital of Dominican Republic and the oldest surviving colonial outpost in the world. Santo Domingo faced several natural and human-inflicted damages after Bartolomeo Columbus, brother of Christopher Columbus, founded it in the fag end of fifteenth century. Surviving the century old English oppression of Francis Drake and more recent devastation of hurricane, Santo Domingo today dwells in modern sophistication, old world charm and Latin charisma. The city landscape now houses major commercial centres, administrative offices, fashionable shopping plazas and top class hotels.
Santo Domingo comprises of four municipalities and one city-province and provides accommodation to 2,061,200 people. The city life bustles with busy port activities, large-scale commercial transaction, administrative tangles and cultural cacophony. Dazzling casinos, pulsating discos and elegant dining options chip in to spruce up the nightlife in Santo Domingo. Hoardings displaying affordable rates of bed and breakfasts and well-facilitated hostels are a regular view in the city streets. But this entire metropolitan busy schedule doesn’t deprive Santo Domingo its fair share of peace and tranquillity. A walk down the Independence Park, the Ozama River front and the historic first street of America, that is Calle de Las Damas, gifts you a memory for lifetime. To enjoy all the pleasures of Santo Domingo, a couple of days stay seems miserly and visitors often extend their stay in the city. To chalk out this extra schedule they often take apartments for rent where all the pleasures of a home are provided against reasonable rates.

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