Notre Dame Cathedral

Ottawa is a thriving world-class tourism destination with unending entertainment opportunity. The screeching sound of ice skaters or the soft tinkling of flowing water of Rideau canal are regular audible features of this city. Nestled on the banks of the majestic Ottawa by the River Rideau and Rideau Canal, it is the Canadian capital city. Thousand years ago, the First Nations people resided in Ottawa. It gained prominence as a bustling city after Col. John By, an engineer in charge of the construction of the Rideau Canal founded it in 1819. It was known as Bytown until being christened as Ottawa following an Algonquian-speaking people, in 1854. From 1867, Ottawa has been the capital city of Canada.
Ottawa is one of the most beautiful G8 capitals in the world. The metropolitan area is buzzing all round the year with hordes of administrative buildings, hotels, restaurants and different kinds of accommodations. It is also rich in culture and heritage with many national institutions, parklands, waterways and historic architecture around. The Rideau Canal separates the city into upper and lower towns. The lower town is the oldest part of the city with many remnants from the past. The central part is home to several financial institutions. It is home to a large number of foreign embassies and is a recognised centre for both academics and professional training.
The centuries old Ottawa University is the most prominent among them. For this reason, the hostels and rented houses are always full of business travellers and students from different parts of the world. The international technology and business centre and the most famous Parliament buildings are situated on the Parliament Hill. This region of the city is home to government organisations such as the Government of Canada, Parliament, the Senate, and the Supreme Court of Canada. But the Byward market place is the most visited and interesting part of the city. Tourists generally prefer to take any apartment for rent at Byward market or stay at the nearest bed and breakfast to feel the pulse of the city.

Ottawa Skyline from the park

Chateau Laurier

Parliament Hill in Ottawa

National Art Gallery




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