Cambodia Identity Card

Country name:
~ conventional long form: Kingdom of Cambodia
~ conventional short form: Cambodia
~ local long form: Preahreacheanacha Kampuchea (phonetic pronunciation)
~ local short form: Kampuchea
Area: 181,040 sq km
Coastline: 443 km
Highest point: Phnum Aoral 1,810 m
Population: 13,607,069
Density: 75/km2
Population growth rate: 1.81%
Language: Khmer
Religions: Theravada Buddhist 95%, other 5%
Government type: multiparty democracy under a constitutional monarchy
Capital: Phnom Penh
GDP - per capita: $2,000
Inflation rate: 3.1%
Currency (code): riel (KHR)
Vehicle Country Id-Code: K
Calling code: +855
Internet country code: .kh
Time Zone: + 7.0 H


Cambodia is the abode of one of the greatest human achievements of ancient architecture and sculpture, the fabulous temples of Angkor Wat. Roam around the beautiful and extensive temple ruins at Angkor that are now a UNESCO Heritage site or simply go trekking, mountain biking and explore its stunning scenery; Cambodia has it all. This Southeast Asian country has made sincere efforts to preserve the integrity of traditional Khmer culture and the fabulous heritage of the region. Situated on the Indochinese peninsula, Cambodia consists chiefly of a large alluvial plain ringed by mountains, specially the lacustrine plain formed by overflowing of the gigantic Lake Tonle Sap. Other dominating geographical feature of Cambodia is the Mekong River, the plains of which are guarded by the heights of the Dâmrei Mountains or the "Elephant Mountains" and the Dângrêk Mountains.

Angkor Temple

The Khmer Empire, which ruled the region for nearly 600 years, has been the most prominent legacy of the Cambodian history. Buddhism was introduced in the 12th century and after Thai and Vietnamese invasion attempts, France colonised Cambodia. It achieved independence within the French Union in 1953. After the turbulent days of the communist Khmer Rouge and reign of Pol Pot, Cambodia now enjoys greater stability and peace.

Mekong river at Phnom Penh



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