Bhutan Identity Card

Country name:
~ conventional long form: Kingdom of Bhutan
~ conventional short form: Bhutan
Area: 47,000 sq km
Coastline: 0 km (landlocked)
Highest point: Kula Kangri 7,553 m
Population: 2,232,291
Density: 47/Km2
Population growth rate: 2.11%
Official Language: Dzongkha
Religions: Lamaistic Buddhist 75%, Hinduism 25%
Government type: Monarchy
Capital: Thimphu
GDP - per capita: $1,400
Inflation rate: 3%
Currency (code): ngultrum (BTN)
Vehicle Country Id-Code: BHT
Calling code: +975
Internet country code: .bt
Time Zone: GMT +6.0H


Bhutan is experienced through the peace and calm of the Buddhist monasteries, the innocent laughter of children echoing through Himalayan ranges and fascinating sceneries of the valleys. Clinging to an old warm charm, this is one of the most isolated places on earth that possessively protects its cultural heritage. Located on South Asia, Bhutan is a landlocked nation. Cradled within the Himalayan heights, this country have a fertile plain in its southern side that is washed by the flows of Mo Chhu, Drangme Chhu, Torsa, Raidak, Sankosh and Manas. In the north, with the glaciated mountain peaks of Himalayas, Bhutan resides on the edge of the great Tibetan plateau and is thus referred as the “Last Place on the Roof of the World”. It also has an endearing collection of heavy savannah grass, dense, mixed jungle, and freshwater and hot springs.
The Monpa tribe are believed to be the earliest people to inhabit the valleys of Bhutan. Bhutan all along maintained strong ties with India except the days of attempted British invasion and the Coochbehar War with the then British India. Officially recognised as the Kingdom of Bhutan, this land is governed under monarchical regime but with healthy space for democratic activities.




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