Bahrain Identity Card

Country name:
~ conventional long form: Kingdom of Bahrain
~ conventional short form: Bahrain
~ local long form: Mamlakat al Bahrayn
~ local short form: Al Bahrayn
Area: 665 sq km
Coastline: 161 km
Highest point: Jabal ad Dukhan 122 m
Population: 688,345
Density: 1,035/Km2
Population growth rate: 1.51%
Languages: Arabic, English, Farsi, Urdu
Religions: Muslim 81.2%, Christian 9%, other 9.8%
Government type: Constitutional hereditary monarchy
Capital: Manama
GDP - per capita: $19,200
Inflation rate: 2.1%
Currency (code): Bahraini dinar (BHD)
Vehicle Country Id-Code: BRN
Calling code: +973
Internet country code: .bh
Time Zone: GMT +3.0H


Bahrain proves to be a wonderful retreat with Awe-inspiring Mountains, a proud history and warm people. It invites visitors from all arts of the globe with a greater appreciation of its natural and cultural complexity. Whether your interest is mountaineering, trekking, adventure, travel or business, Bahrain has ample opportunities for all. Situated in the Central Asia or Middle East, Bahrain is nestled in the Persian Gulf. It is an archipelago of thirty-two islands that are spread over an area of about 691 square kilometres. Torn off from the Arabian Peninsula by the Gulf of Bahrain, the terrain of this island nation is low-lying and mostly comprises of barren desert. The coastlines of Bahrain are embedded with coastal reefs and the inland has huge stock of oil and natural gas. Due to such vast spread of desert area, the country experiences droughts and dust storms in regular basis.
Bahrain, meaning the “two seas,” is believed to be the site of some of the earliest human settlements, home to an ancient civilisation rivalling those of Egypt and Mesopotamia. Known in ancient times as Dilmun, the Persians ruled the islands in the 4th century A.D. and then the Arabs reigned until 1541. After Portuguese and Persian occupancy, Bahrain became a British protectorate in 1820. It gained full independence on August 14, 1971.




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