Nassau conjures up a soothing image of pink beaches by glittering Atlantic waters. This capital city of Bahamas is the largest city on New Providence Island and has brightened up as a den of tourism and entertainment activities. Beautiful historic sights by the side of stylish modern day architecture complement each other and add to the variety and character of Nassau. The pleasure of old world charm with modern sophistication can be experienced in the city houses, market places and other forms of accommodations. Today, Nassau is a central region for business and commerce in The Bahamas.

Nassau Harbor

Nassau was first inhabited by the British explorers and this Caribbean destination got its name from the then crown of British Empire, William III of Orange-Nassau. The violent and sometimes hidden activities of the dreaded pirates in Nassau can be felt in the present day ruins of the city. These historic remains along with beaches, boats, coconut-tree-clad shore and turquoise waters teamed up to bring out the best scope of enjoyment out of Nassau. Moreover the location of Nassau International Airport in the city limits made it easier for tourists from USA, Canada, the UK, and the Caribbean to visit the city and country as well. The tourism and hotel industry of Nassau are one of the major contributor to the economy of the Bahamas. The city population of around 180,000 people are a welcoming and warm community and make every effort to make a foreigner to Nassau feel at home. Their hospitality is best experienced if you take one of the local houses or apartments for rent. The astonishing variety and abundance of marine life is yet another alluring aspect of Nassau. This Bahamas city offers inexhaustible pleasures and challenges to lovers of sun and sand who don’t mind to board in cheaper hostels rather than fashionable hotels to afford the marine activities.

Parliament House




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