The Obelisk

Buenos Aires is a vibrant cosmopolitan where the energetic mornings roll down to noon through tickle tackle of footballs, ramblings in coffee shops and the night sets in with the swirls of tango. This sultry ort city is the capital of Argentina. The most amazing reality about this city is that the lifestyle and architecture here is more European than South American. Situated on the southern shores of the great Argentine River Plate, Buenos Aires is one of the most prosperous cities of the continent with a thriving manufacturing and hotel industry.
Buenos Aires is motley of bustling streets, old-time cafes, colourful houses and stylish restaurants. In fact, each neighbourhood boasts of a unique character through their architecture and paint. If you put up in one of the bed and breakfast in the San Telmo district of the city, the Spanish Colonial hangover and French and Italian architectures become evident. Along with this a stroll down the La Boca blocks brings in the view of rainbow-colour painted jazzy accommodations and student hostels. It is said that to get best of the freaking Argentine spirit, one should take one of the apartment for rent in the residential areas of Buenos Aires and feel the individualistic spirit.
Buenos Aires is not home to any gigantic historical monument, ancient excavation site or amazing natural wonders. Instead, Buenos Aires is composed of regular things like colourful tiny squares, elegant Victorian houses, sleek modern high rises and numerous malls and plazas the buzz in tango music and cigar smoke. The only exception is the Teatro Colon on the riverfront, one of the world's finest opera houses. The people of Buenos Aires or the Portenos, in harmony with its Spanish meaning of ‘good air’, evoke an atmosphere of let-it-go-by, which one can’t afford to miss. Their warmth and indomitable spirit attracts tourists from all parts of the globe.

Skyline of Buenos Aires


The Pink House - Casa Rosada




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